Some days ago i started working with wordpress cms and i found it extremly good.I was trying to learn how to develope plugins for it. some days later i was curious about it’s compatibility with android and i started searching about json interfaces in wp.I fount 2 major plugins that can add json api to wordpress 1.wp-rest-api 2.json-api . after some searches i found out that the first one will be added to the core of the wordpress and it may change in future so i decided to make an open source android client project compatible with json-api.first version was released last week on my github account.

Today i updated the source to version 1.1.

Changes are like this.

1. Add Splash Screen
2. Solved some errors
3. Add view for empty comment & post list.
4. Push Notification Added With FCM (FireBase Cloud Messaging)
5. Add Material Design Colors to colors.xml
6. Improve Some Views Like Comment Dialog view
7. Cache system to load categories in navigation menu if there is no internet connection.


The reason i created a post ?

First reason i created this post because i have added fcm push notification functionality and the google-services.json content needed to be replaced with your own file.Just follow instructions told in Getting a Configuration File part of fcm tutorial in

Second reason is that some people had issues with the project loading data i think they have copied wrong api address i have two screen shot to clarify every thing. (pay attention that you should add / in the end of urls if you miss data may not load in the application.)

Replace api address in android studio

Word press json api configuration